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Dead Sea Salt Soap
Dead Sea Salt Soap
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Dead Sea Salt Soap
NOTE: THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ONLY, AND CONSISTS OF 30 SOAP BARS. THE SOAP BARS WEIGH 6 OZ EACH. THE TOTAL ORDER IS $180. THE LEAD TIME IS 4 WEEKS. The soap takes one month to "cure" and will be made especially for you. Also note that the shape of the soap has changed from the pictured square to rectangular. The new dimensions are: 4.5" x 2.5" x 1".

An ultra-moisturizing handcrafted soap packed with nothing but authentic dead sea salts gives your skin the new kind of clean. Note that this soap is very different from our other true soaps. The mineral rich dead sea salts cut the lather from bubbly to creamy. This soap bar feels as if you are washing with a smooth stone. The end result of this gentle exfoliating: glowing and soft skin. Dead sea salts are an ancient and natural purifying remedy, ideal for revitalising tired and dehydrated skin. With spruce and birch essential oils, this soap has the power to resurrect! Enjoy!

Ingredients: sodium chloride, naturally occuring glycerin, saponified oils of coconut, palm, olive and soy, raw and unrefined shea butter, certified organic argan oil, wild cruelty free tussah silk fibers, essentials oils of spruce and birch