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Dear Friends and Family of Non Profits,

Our fun(d)raising is very simple. Simply send all your family, friends, coworkers, neighbors - anyone you can think of to where you are now - our website www.destinyboutique.com. When your referrals make an internet purchase at our site they enter a special promocode at the check-out to receive an additional 10% discount. For each and every order with your special promo code we will give a 15% donation of the purchase price to the non profit of your choice.

Wasn't this the easiest fun(d)raiser ever? There was no handling the merchandise, no order processing paperwork, no door to door knocking, no tallying the money or delivering the product. The best of all we are not selling unheathy cookies or candy, we are selling something wholesome everyone needs: all natural chemical free body care products and soaps. Please contact us info@destinyboutique.com for a promocode for your non profit.

Soapfully Yours,

Destiny Boutique Staff