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all about me
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Share Destiny Boutique with others and get free stuff. Host a party! You can choose one of these:

Traditional Home Party - all about me

All about me is when you invite your friends, family, neighbors and co workers over to try our products. In exchange, you receive our hostess gift basket and $10 of store credit for every $100 they spend at the party. They receive some special deals. Everyone wins! Currently only available in Metro San Diego.

Virtual Pajama Party

This is a great option when you want to share the products with those far away or when you can not possibly find time for "all about me" event at home. Virtual Pajama Party is when you simply send an email with your special coupon code to your friends, relatives, co-workers, LinkedIn network etc. The coupon code will be active for one week. When they use the code they receive 10% off their purchases and you will receive $10 of store credit for every $100 spent with your code. All this wearing your favorite pajamas without leaving home!

Tell-a-Friend Party

If you donít have time to throw a party, and your friends or relatives who are not computer savvy, this option is for you. Tell your friends about all the wonders of Destiny Boutique, and collect orders on order forms given to you in the old fashioned way. When the orders are filled, you receive $10 of store credit for every $100 spent. Can it get any easier?

Sounds fun? Ready to host? Contact us at info [ at ]destinyboutique [ dot ]com or call Tuula 858.761.6045.