Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian Oil
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Product Description

• Naturally thinking our silky abyssinian oil is the perfect substitute to silicones in hair care. Finally there’s an oil with pretty much the same benefits as silicones (revives dullness and adds megashine) yet it eliminates the feeling of greasiness with all the marvelous benefits of an ultra luxurious nourishing hair oil and without the downside of silicones (no nasties, no build up). This oil easily glides onto your hair surface forming a very light continuous lipid layer which provides lubricity to help detangle and lock in essential moisture.

• As a daily facial skin oil, abyssinian oil is fast to penetrate outer layers of your epidermis, giving you a deeply nourished skin and a soft layer against dehydration. Abyssinian oil closely mimics our human sebum, and is great for controlling sebum production. No fear, abyssinian oil does not clog your pores.

Of course, our abyssinian oil or crambe abyssinica is a 100 pure, unadulterated vegetable oil, absolutely non GMO, biodegradable, grown in USA (North Dakota more specifically) and never tested on animals other than homo sapiens at Destiny Boutique’s staff.

Ingredients: crambe abyssinica seed oil