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Rose Serum
Rose Serum
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Rose Serum
We sought the world's finest rose otto and blended it with certified organic fair traded argan oil to create this sensually captivating rose serum that will envelope your skin in a veil of softness never experienced before. The two oils are amongst the rarest, most precious and sought after skin oils found on our planet.

Rose essential oil is both precious and rare, considering that 60,000 blooms are needed to produce just one ounce of true “otto” rose oil. Otto is the process of steam distilling crushed rose petals. Rose oil can also be obtained by the “absolute” method which means processing the flower with a solvent. We believe the cheaper "absolute" method contaminates the oil with traces of solvent. To reap the greatest therapeutic benefit, we chose the otto form.

Rose is a flower with innumerable stories, legends, myths and legacies. Our "oil of love" is therapeutic grade with a fresh, warm and deeply floral scent. Rose oil has a legendary reputation to soothe your emotions and encourage opening of the heart. Rose is also believed to cultivate feelings of well-being, balance and harmony and is considered to be effective aromatherapy for anxiety and depression as well as to help heal a broken heart.

Sensually vivacious, for centuries rose oil has been the ultimate in femininity worn by some of the world's most alluring women. Believed to be the beauty secret of Cleopatra, rose oil possesses unique healing properties which work to stimulate, soothe and regenerate the minute blood vessels under the skin. Rose essential oil is cicatrisant; a property that can be of great interest for those of us who care a great deal about their looks. Cicatrisant is a property that helps scars and other marks on the skin to disappear. This includes fading of stretch marks and surgery marks associated with pregnancy and delivery.

Argan Oil, known as "liquid gold", is the amongst the rarest of oils and comes only from a single forest in the world located in Morrocco. Our rose serum based on argan oil is a supremely nutritious skin oil that leaves the skin luxuriously smooth while bathed in one of the most beloved and bewitching scents of all time.

Rose Serum is wonderfully rich in naturally occuring fatty acids and vitamins, especially vitamin E. This combination helps to fight free radicals, repair damaged skin cells and tissue, reduce the signs of aging, improve skin's elasticity, and nourish and hydrate your skin the natural way. Packaged in an amber 2 fl oz glass bottle.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE MOST DISCRIMINATING ORGANIC BUYER: Our rose serum ranks ranks perfect zero as in no hazard with Skin Deep (

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Directions for use: Use mornings and evenings after cleansing to moisten skin as a nourishing, anti-aging all over body treatment.

Directions for greener tomorrow: Before using please remove the wildflower seed label from the amber bottle. The handmade recycled paper could be the beginnings of your very own wildflower garden. Just plant it, and love it and watch it sprout.

Ingredients: argania spinosa (argan oil), rose damascena (rose otto) oil