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Sailor's Trap
Sailor's Trap
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ABOUT DEAD SEA SALTS: Legendary reputation dates back to the Roman times when people seeking relief from skin and rheumatic disorders came from around the world to bathe in the Dead Sea's mineral rich waters. The Queen of Beauty herself, Empress Cleopatra, was an ardent user of Dead Sea beauty formulations to the point that she conquered the surrounding areas to build manufacturing facilities to supply her beauty products. The ruins still remain.

EMERGE AS A MERMAID: Bathe in luxury in your own castle when you bring the Dead Sea's life giving properties right into your bathtub, or even jacuzzi* for immediate relief and relaxation. Welcome nirvana to your world when you pour Sailor's Trap into the tub. Nourish your skin with pure therapeutic grade essential oils while the misty vapors rising from the warm water enter your olfactory system and lungs. Your mind will be clear and calm, allowing you to concentrate on yourself and the essential oil treatment bringing the celestial to your bathroom while replenishing the minerals critical to your skin metabolism.

Sailor's Trap is not just a bath, it is powerful spa treatment at home after a long arduous day to relax you and nourish your skin. You will be rejuvenated in a natural way, ready to enchant your sailor who feels the lure of your newly found siren song.

MORE ON THE LIFE GIVING PROPERTIES OF DEAD SEA SALTS: Actually a lake, the Dead Sea has a unique salt concentration 10 times higher than ocean water resulting in an extraordinary chemical composition of brines comprised of magnesium, potassium and calcium chlorides, sulfur, and a high concentration of bromides. Rich in 26 minerals not found anywhere else, dead sea salts have been used for millennia to nourish the skin, ease aches and pains, detoxify the skin and as a general aid in relaxation.

The nourishing minerals in dead sea salts are vital to our cells:

MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE keeps the body in shape, young and healthy by assisting cell metabolism to utilize essential nutrients. Magnesium rejuvenates and prevents the calcification of our organs and tissues characteristic of old-age related degeneration of our body.

POTASSIUM CHLORIDE is necessary to maintain the water balance in order for cell metabolism to take place, assisting the cells to absorb nourishment and expel waste products. An imbalance in potassium often leads to water retention. Potassium is a vital in regulating muscle contractions and the nervous system. Potassium is a crucial mineral to replenish after an intense exercise.

SULFUR is required for healthy hair, skin, nails, and among many other biological structures. It is essential to enable cells to breathe and for converting toxins into non-toxins.

CALCIUM CHLORIDE is necessary in strengthening cell membranes and cleansing the pores,production and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones, and regulating the heart muscles and nerves.

IODINE is needed for energy and cell metabolism and for the production of the hormone thyroxin.

SODIUM is needed to assist the cells to absorb nourishment and expel waste.

BROMINE helps with the natural repair of the body and cell metabolism and can be used as a natural antibiotic. It acts to ease muscle stiffness and relax muscles after exercise.

To Use: Throw a handful or two (1/4-1/2 cup) into your warm bath water and let it dissolve. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off in fresh warm water and towel dry. Drink pleanty of water after the bath. For larger baths or personal preference, use an additional ounce. Use 1 oz of Sailor's Trap as a terrific achy feet soak. Remember to reseal salt tube to keep it fresh. Keep out of reach of children.

The temperature of a healing bath should only be about 2 degrees warmer than the temperature of your body. Hot bath water causes the skin to eliminate instead of absorb, therefore if the water is too hot the minerals of the salt cannot be absorbed into the body; instead they are eliminated.

Ingredients: unrefined fine grade dead sea salts

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* Please contact your jacuzzi manufacturer the find out of it safe to use sea salts and essential oils in your jacuzzi.